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(of roads) having a single lane for traffic in both directions


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A North Wales police spokesman said: ``The main problem seems to have been the single-lane restrictions back from the Penmaenbach tunnel.
Changing from one size to another is done in only a few minutes for the entire packing unit and the machine has been designed for 25 cycles in single-lane operation and two lane operation is possible with the SW 60M - W 20.
Route 15 Milton; The single-lane conditions for these two contiguous projects along I-80 extend for five miles, from one mile west of the U.
A 14-kilometre long, single-lane gravel ramp spirals around the conical-shaped ore body which will enable miners to attack the deposit from every angle.
Motorway traffic was being diverted up single-lane slip roads.
Expression Analysis, a leading provider of genomic services for clinical trials and research, announced today that it has expanded its sequencing services to include single-lane sequencing with guaranteed turn-around-times and, firm fixed pricing.
Replacement of single-lane timber bridge with single-lane concrete structure (Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert or similar) and approaches to current engineering standards.
The project, to be executed by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, would involve double-laning of single-lane highways in eight states in the next three years.
I-5 at McKenzie River - Watch for intermittent nighttime single-lane closures as crews complete work in the median.
Campaigners living near the crash site in Aberkenfig said the tragedy highlighted the need for speed restrictions on the single-lane route.
Extend it to its logical conclusion and the M1 would be one long, single-lane queue with drivers getting into line at Watford for road works in Edinburgh.
8 A NEW single-lane relief road from Thornton to SwitchIsland has been proposed.
Route 15 Milton; The single-lane conditions for these 2 contiguous projects along I-80 extend for five (5) miles, from one mile west of the Route 15 Interchange (Exit 210) to one mile west of the Limestoneville Interchange (Exit 215); Interstate 81 Lackawanna County -- at the Davis Street/ Montage Mountain Road Exit 182, crews working behind barriers.
After three hours, a single-lane emergency road from the Circle J Ranch neighborhood to Placerita Canyon was opened, relieving some of the jam - but not before some tempers flared.
Asymtek's Axiom X-1022's dual-lane configuration increases throughput by 60 to 80 percent over single-lane systems.