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Synonyms for single-handedly

without the presence or aid of another

Synonyms for single-handedly

without assistance

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Kandhamal (Odisha) [India], Jan 14 ( ANI ): Much like Bihar's 'mountain man' Dasrath Manjhi, Odisha's Jalandhar Nayak has become an inspiring name in the Kandhamal district for moving mountains single-handedly to construct an 8 km long road.
A Gurkha soldier who single-handedly fought off an attack on his base by up to 30 Taliban insurgents has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.
said Thursday it will manufacture automobile tires single-handedly in China at a new plant in its coastal area by disbanding the existing joint venture in the province of Jiangsu.
Coleman, who was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for single-handedly halting an enemy column.
The redesign of the TT, the car that single-handedly put Audi near the top of the auto design ranks, made its debut.
Forty years ago, the Globe almost single-handedly became responsible for making the killing of babies legal by hammering on it month after month during the years prior to 1969.
If you think it's hard to imagine one person almost single-handedly creating the personal computer revolution and then recasting himself as an after-school teacher for sixth graders, then obviously you don't know Steve Wozniak too well.
It has been said that David Foot has almost single-handedly influencedpublic discussion of demographics.
He's single-handedly ruined David's life by destroying his business and his marriage.
in 1963 and built it up, almost single-handedly, to the publishing powerhouse it is today.
ELLEN MacArthur will receive a rapturous welcome today after smashing the record for the fastest person to sail single-handedly around the world non-stop.
Enter one Chester Carlson, who almost single-handedly pioneered the Xerox machine.
Such a move would hardly have been necessary for the woman who almost single-handedly invented the Chick Lit fiction genre and undoubtedly invented the genre's most popular segment.
YACHTSWOMAN Ellen MacArthur reached the halfway point last night in her bid to break the record for the fastest time for sailing single-handedly round the world.
Intergalactic war ensues, climaxing in Othon vanquishing 1,500 Black Endogard single-handedly.