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Synonyms for single-handedly

without the presence or aid of another

Synonyms for single-handedly

without assistance

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A Gurkha soldier who single-handedly fought off an attack on his base by up to 30 Taliban insurgents has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.
said Thursday it will manufacture automobile tires single-handedly in China at a new plant in its coastal area by disbanding the existing joint venture in the province of Jiangsu.
I'VE DONE IT: Ellen MacArthur shows her joy at smashing the record for sailing single-handedly non-stop round the world
Enter one Chester Carlson, who almost single-handedly pioneered the Xerox machine.
Such a move would hardly have been necessary for the woman who almost single-handedly invented the Chick Lit fiction genre and undoubtedly invented the genre's most popular segment.
Intergalactic war ensues, climaxing in Othon vanquishing 1,500 Black Endogard single-handedly.
To this day, 'Rosetta Stone' means anything that single-handedly bridges a leap in understanding.
Adding to previous results dating to late 1998, the Dubna-Livermore team has single-handedly chalked up evidence of all the elements from 113 to 118 (SN: 2/6/.
First, the Chairman faced blame for supposedly single-handedly causing the U.
A MAN returns from the depths of depression and a career-threatening injury to almost single-handedly win the World Cup Final, then scores a goal in a match which makes his new team World Club Champions, and still people say he is unworthy of being named European Footballer of The Year.
While some argue that Giotto did not single-handedly create the remarkable artistic developments of his time, few dispute that these developments reached their peak in his work (1).
He was a staunch opponent of Bill Clinton's 1996 so-called welfare reform law, and he virtually single-handedly stalled the pending bankruptcy legislation, which would impose onerous new burdens on the indigent.
Moseley-based Helen Cross takes an unconventional angle on the life of Amy Johnson, the lass from Hull who flew single-handedly from Yorkshire to Australia in a biplane in 1941, by focusing on the years leading up to her flight.
The queen single-handedly gathers food, and maintains and defends her nest from predators like beetles, and centipedes.
After all, how long can creative energies last, especially for artists who think of themselves not as building on tradition but rather as single-handedly founding their own?