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Synonyms for single-celled

having a single cell (and thus not divided into cells)


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All life evolved from a single-celled universal common ancestor, and at various times in Earth history, single-celled organisms threw their lot in with each other to become larger and multicellular, resulting, for instance, in the riotous diversity of animals.
Others research teams are developing ways to determine the complete genetic blueprint of single-celled organisms to get insight into whole populations of cells that are otherwise difficult to study.
Common lab yeast normally live as single cells that bud off single-celled offspring.
On the other hand, the decoded genomes of single-celled organisms like yeast, paramecia, and giardia are much simpler than animal genomes.
NUCLEAR SYNERGY Several research groups are sequencing members of a group of single-celled organisms that bristle with short hairlike projections called cilia.
Early in the history of the planet, when only single-celled life forms such as bacteria were around, there was little oxygen in the air.
In all, Margulis and her colleagues found at least three different size classes of single-celled microorganisms that were similar to the symbionts that live today's lower termites.
Single-celled organisms typically reproduce by simply pinching in two.
Among Muller's slides was an electron micrograph showing the interior of a eukaryotic cell, the kind of cell that makes up complex animals, including people, and many single-celled creatures.
albicans mutant that exists only in the single-celled form can't induce a lethal infection in mice, report Gerald R.
Now, researchers report that single-celled organisms may defend themselves in a similar way.
These membranes are probably remnants of the series of evolutionary gulps that landed the DNA inside an alga that eventually ended up in the single-celled protozoans.
Yet in the last 15 months, researchers have unveiled the complete genetic complements of several single-celled organisms, including two bacteria.
After billions of years in which bacteria, algae, and other microscopic single-celled organisms ruled the planet, life got large.
They may look a bit like single-celled organisms such as a euglena or paramecium, but the fish and worm parasites called myxozoans are not protozoans, says Richard D.
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