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a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other

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Bulan was in the lead, and close behind him in single file lumbered his awkward crew.
In slow procession the things moved in single file along a grooved track.
Dave was wheeler or sled dog, pulling in front of him was Buck, then came Sol-leks; the rest of the team was strung out ahead, single file, to the leader, which position was filled by Spitz.
The track now becoming narrow, they were obliged to pass in single file along the precipitous hillside, led by this escort.
Let us pretend to lie here among the sugar-cane and watch them as they steal by in single file, each with his hand on his dagger.
In single file behind him, there followed, one after another, near fifty others, each burdened with two dull-yellow ingots lashed upon his back.
The men arrived around 9 am, moving in a single file and lined up tight against the metal fence guarding the main entrance of the Parliament, alongside the police cordon located behind the fence.
But it will advise that horse riders should "never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends", although it will not be a legal requirement and does not compel riders to keep to single file.
There are NAS solutions that support a single file system while others aggregate multiple file systems.
A fiat-file database is a single file that contains a complete database table.
3D in communicating data is due to the ability to include 2D drawings and other Microsoft Office file formats in a single file and email it easily around the world.
MultiCurve, another enhancement, can save a view of several data curves in one single file.
To light up the footpaths leading to the entrances of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, nine Geo illuminated bollards have been positioned in single file.
The device simultaneously transfers a row of bottles off the single file delivery conveyor and onto the mat-top cooler chain while allowing a subsequent row of bottles to form across the front of the cooler.
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