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sing with a choir or an orchestra

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The Sing Along Cinema crew are bringing Movieoke mayhem to the Wright Venue with Sing Along Grease.
People who sing along in a foreign language learn almost effortlessly,” said Miriam Plieninger, Babbel's head of content.
The app series, named "Tap and Sing Along Picture Book," is for use with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
If we all sing along loud enough, maybe he can hear us," Gaga said.
The unheard voices of Minnesota women of the early nineteenth century to the near modern day are heard clearly in "To Sing Along The Way: Minnesota Women Poets From Pre-Territorial Days to the Present".
No doubt my daughter will sing along with Robbie, Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys.
The first book of the Read Along Symphony series (which is in turn based on the award-winning Sing Along Symphonies music series), Beethoven's Wig is a children's picturebook that combines humor with a love of music.
When they played recorded male solos to pairs of birds, the female joined in to sing along.
Producers, Sing Along Productions, and theatre managers, Clear Channel, said the accident was a result of a 'communications breakdown' between them.
After a short period of time, students often begin to sing along or hum the tune.
Complete with calorie counter, 3D virtual club environments, karaoke mode and glitzy on screen graphics, Dance:UK XL includes tracks from Jamelia, Big Brovaz, Blue, Outkast, Kylie, DJ Casper and more for you to dance and sing along to.
It addresses basic reading and language learning skills through topics and themes, such as The Paint Factory, The Dress Show and The Theater; children can click over characters and icons to listen to conversations, sing along with an antique phonograph or read funny stories.
A MUSICAL mutt has been hitting the high notes with his attempts to sing along to a TV advert.
Even though he does not understand Italian, he still enjoys the songs of Andrea Bocelli and loves to sing along.
She added: "I might sing along if I get the Dutch Courage.