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estrangement from god

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said Mrs Nubbles; 'you don't mean what you say I know, but you're talking sinfulness.
Egyptians practice their religion from a cultural perspective, wherein they feel that they should enjoy both virtue and sinfulness (halal and haram) to the maximum -- somewhat like eating a sweet and sour dish, or exercising vigorously after consuming a high-calorie meal.
offers considerable evidence from key 16th-century texts (the Augsburg Confession, the Large and Small Catechisms, among others) that Luther and Melanchthon both saw character formation and pursuit of a moral life to be important tasks for the church and all individual Christians, arguing that the law served a purpose broader than simply exposing human sinfulness and our need for God's mercy: the law could also give shape and content to the life of discipleship to which those justified by grace are called.
He also preached to them: Blessed are you who are full, for soon you will he hungry, Blessed are you who laugh, for you will weep Blessed are you who are praised to high heaven for your sinfulness, for yours is the kingdom of night When he was finished, his disciples went out gathering food from everyone, about five thousand.
The cause of our sinfulness lies in the fact the shop has placed a small garden table and chairs outside for the convenience of those customers wishing to partake of the excellent coffee in the manner of a cafe society.
Like Comfort's previous movies, the 30-minute Noah video features Comfort conducting face-to-face interviews with men and women on the street, asking them pointed questions about such issues as the existence of God, the accuracy of Scripture, and the depravity and sinfulness of humanity.
The first is about defining a central goal, to serve God, and identifying the ways one's personal sinfulness distracts one from this.
If we repent of the sinfulness we behold in ourselves, we actually take a step forward and upward.
Brownson examines the textual and cultural context for biblical passages often used in modern-day justifications for the sinfulness of homosexual activity and same-sex marriage.
Does such an emphasis, therefore, on human depravity and sinfulness go against the conciliatory "style" of Vatican II that sought not to condemn and anathematize but to persuade and edify?
Never before has a new technology so blatantly unleashed our sinfulness, our selfishness," the blog author, Adam Jeske, wrote, adding: that 'he wondered how many abortions this will lead to, how much heartache Bang with Friends will cause'.
Rather, groaning is a public display of the inherent sinfulness of the prevailing order and the resilience of the victims to transform it.
Anglican liturgy and its obsession with sinfulness.
In fact, an American Christian preacher suggested that the 9/11 attacks were punishment for the sinfulness of New Yorkers and the deadly Haitian earthquake last January was proof of Haitian sinfulness.
1954) has described the willingness to admit one's sinfulness before God and others as a process of liberation marked by several breakthroughs.