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cushy number


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a benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral duties are attached

an office that involves minimal duties

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There was again, an administrative rationale, for the excise was collected by efficient bureaucrats rather than lay commissioners (as with the assessed and land taxes) or sinecurists (as with the customs).
The taxation used to fill the inflated coffers of sinecurists and monarchs, or to build unnecessary standing armies was condemned on the same basis.
Sinecurists with high falutin' appendages to their names,have tried all kinds of cock-eyed remedies to curb these hoodlums;apart from the one that works.
This provided the basis for his attack during the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars on fundholders and sinecurists whose patriotism was dependent on their desire for contracts or interest payments, imposing on the rest of society the burden of an inflated national debt and taxation.