sine wave

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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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Schaffner FN510 filters are part of an extensive family of dv/dt filters and sine wave filters which improve motor-drive performance for applications where long cable lengths are a concern, even up to 690vac.
Modified sine wave and square wave form voltage are might be acceptable for medium and low power applications, but for high power applications, sinusoidal and less distorted voltage waveform is required [9].
Choi founded the ITF during this time but some groups broke away from the ITF whilst Taekwon-do was still being developed, and prior to the introduction of sine wave.
Modern "sine wave" inverters give a close approximation of a pure sine wave by using numerous small steps to simulate a smooth curve (Illustration 4).
The Sine Wave range of Home UPS solutions not only has an innovative charging solution but also comprises of many revolutionary features which makes the system efficiently reliable & customer friendly.
We've all heard about the fabled sine wave or an unresponsive take-up reel breaking off refueling probes.
The APSX2012SW is a 230V, 2000W PowerVerter APS INT inverter/charger with pure sine wave output that can reproduce wall power from a battery source without any power interference.
The three-phase FMAC SINE and FMAC SINE DCL Sine Wave Filters convert output voltage waveforms produced by pulse width modulation frequency converters into low distortion sine waveforms for motor and power transformation applications, The filters work in 500 VAC installations with currents upwards of 4 A.
The 1 kHz sine wave was chosen because it is a repetitive, simple signal located near the maximum energy frequency of speech (Levitt and Webster 1991).
Microchip Technology's pure sine wave uninterruptible power supply (UPS) reference design is based on the dsPIC33F "GS" series of digital-power digital signal controllers.
has designed a 3 kVa pure sine wave inverter in a slim 1U rack mount with dimensions of 16 in.
Available in 600 VA, 1,000 VA, 1,500 VA, 2,000 VA and 3,000 VA tower and 19" rackmount models, the GE Digital Energy IT Series 600-3,000 VA UPS features pure sine wave, fully digitized, microprocessor-controlled automatic voltage regulation at 50/60 Hz, and utilizes hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries.
It's true online, double-conversion UPS provides perfectly regulated sine wave output within 2 percent of 100/110/120V (user-selectable) under all usage conditions.
When the sine wave crosses zero, no power is supplied to the load; only when the sine wave is at its peak is the instantaneous power applied to the load equal to the DC power.