sine wave

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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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This is the reason why sine wave movements are used by some Taekwondo groups and not others.
My venerable 1500-watt modified sine wave inverter had no problem starting the fridge compressor, so I filled it with food and reveled in the luxury of electric refrigeration.
Some LEDs are commanded by breaking up the sine wave into thousands of short pulses, then eliminating some of the pulses to vary the light output, which can also generate troublesome harmonics.
I don't know why I failed to execute the emergency disengagement procedure after I saw the sine wave.
Meanwhile, the APSX1012SW230V is a 1,000W PowerVerter APS INT inverter/charger that offers reliable 230V AC power, pure sine wave output and the ability to charge batteries.
The term that describes how a sine wave differential signal is affected by an interconnect when it exits is the differential insertion loss, sometimes referred to by its S-parameter designation, SDD21.
The insertion loss of an interconnect is the fraction of sine wave amplitude that is transmitted through it, also when it is driven by and terminated in 50 ohms.
But just as ocean waves don't maintain a perfect sine wave profile, they don't often follow the principle of linear superposition.
In addition, the ASM Group will demonstrate its portable sine wave Constant Current Regulator, or 'Mini CCR' machine, which enables contractors to test primary airfield lighting circuits without permits and without specially-trained personnel in attendance.
Satoru Wono, Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise (Sonore) A bit gimmicky in its take on classical form, but Wend manages to extract from his spare materials some wicked stripped-down funk.
Mbemba designed the machine around the mathematical principle of the sinuskurve, or sine wave.
5 GHz sine wave and a 5 Gbit/s digital code input signals.
Currently the standard test procedure is to measure the stiffness for sine wave input at a regular series of frequencies, for example every 10 hz from 0 hz to 200 hz.
It is a fully featured line interactive sine wave UPS that offers protection from spikes, surges, sags, electrical noise and brownouts.