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How sincere and confidential we can be, saying all that lies in the mind, and yet go away feeling that all is yet unsaid, from the incapacity of the parties to know each other, although they use the same words
Both were sincere, and both after a time of poverty and struggle ruled the thought of their day.
Be sincere, find the highest, and worship it with all thy mind and heart and will.
1] I must take this opportunity of returning my sincere thanks to Mr.
In his early works there is much conventional piety, no doubt sincere so far as it goes; and he always took a strong intellectual interest in the problems of medieval theology; but he became steadily and quietly independent in his philosophic outlook and indeed rather skeptical of all definite dogmas.
But a sane balance is preserved--there are also worthy people, faithful laborers, honest merchants, and sincere priests and monks.
Two may talk and one may hear, but three cannot take part in a conversation of the most sincere and searching sort.
I shall always be your sincere friend, without any inclination to nearer intimacy, when you become my sister; and we shall have all the honest part of conversation without any reproaches between us of having done amiss.
Now, however I may attempt to disguise the fact from myself in my affection for Ned, still I always revert to this-- that if we are not sincere, we are nothing.
Let us be sincere and Protestant, strictly moral, strictly just (though always with a leaning towards mercy), strictly honest, and strictly true, and we gain--it is a slight point, certainly, but still it is something tangible; we throw up a groundwork and foundation, so to speak, of goodness, on which we may afterwards erect some worthy superstructure.
But confidences are sometimes blinding, even when they are sincere.
The Binghamton University study, entitled "Texting insincerely, found that text messages ending in a period tended to be perceived as less sincere.
Hamza Shahbaz said there was no allegation of corruption or rigging against the PML-N candidate whereas serious and sincere workers of PTI were perturbed over nomination of their party candidate as there were a number of charges against him.
In his cable, His Majesty expressed his sincere congratulations along with his best wishes of good health and wellbeing to President Anastasiades and his country's friendly people further progress.
The Premier hailed the Kuwaiti leader's sincere fraternal feelings which reflect strong relations bonding the kingdom and Kuwait.