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Caption: Figure 2 Artist's impression of simultanagnosia
fMRI of Global Visual Perception in Simultanagnosia.
Probable AD dementia, marked by gradual symptom onset over months to years, clear-cut history of worsening of cognition by report or observation, deficits in learning and recall of recently learned information, object agnosia (loss of the ability to recognize objects), impaired face recognition, simultanagnosia (the inability to perceive more than a single object at a time), alexia (loss of the ability to read), deficits in executive function, and a patient who is a carrier of a causative AD mutation;
Its chief characteristics--ocular apraxia (inability to control the gaze), simultanagnosia (inability to integrate components of a visual scene), and optic ataxia (inability to seize a targeted object perceived visually) (108)--compounded with the deficits resulting from frontal and temporal lobe damage, can cause problems in other match situations.