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a broadcast that is carried simultaneously by radio and television (or by FM and AM radio)

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29, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Sunday, November 2, Family Research Council (FRC) will host a nationwide, live simulcast event from Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas.
The catch phrase at Thursday's press conference was ``integrated simulcast product,'' a fancy way to say one television program presenting action from several racetracks, the kind of show that proponents of in-home betting envision.
By locating, isolating moving or planning for where these areas of debilitating inerference will be located, a simulcast system can be installed with confidence.
FRC President Tony Perkins will serve as host for the simulcast which will reach more than a thousand churches and home groups across the country.
Meanwhile, in California, home of some of the nation's classiest live racing, our conservative gambling laws have restricted the simulcast menu to in-state tracks (Bay Meadows, Golden Gate Fields, the fairs), non-U.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Sunday, September 14, Family Research Council (FRC) and Vision America will co-host a nationwide, live simulcast event at the First Baptist Church of Charlotte.
With a live simulcast, people across the world with computers and modems will be able to log onto a World Wide Web site (http://www.
SANS Event Simulcast offers a convenient way for students to get the best security training available as it is happening, directly from their laptop.
That means pooling television and simulcast rights, he said.
ESPN to Simulcast ESPN Deportes' Spanish-language Flag-to-Flag Telecast
8, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Sunday, September 9, Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA) will stream a live simulcast event from the First Baptist Church of Charlotte to over 2,000 churches and home groups nationwide.
But Farma Way fans wagering on the simulcast at Hollypark - and taking odds set by fellow Farma Way fans betting into a separate California pool - received only $9 for their $2.
Charlotte, NC Simulcast to feature Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum, Franklin Graham, Kirk Cameron, Dr.
Additionally, Verizon Wireless' forthcoming V CAST TV service, provided by MediaFLO USA, will also include, ESPN Mobile TV, a 24/7 channel from ESPN with a compelling selection of live, simulcast sports events; comprehensive and breaking sports news, commentary and analysis; and real-time sports scores and game updates.