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an explanation that omits superfluous details and reduces complexity

the act of reducing complexity

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com/reports/c20677) has announced the addition of Simplification and the Pensions Market for Wealthy Customers, 2005 to their offering
Expected Development Impact : The project aims at reducing tax compliance costs for all firms by enhancing tax simplification, thereby improving the investment climate in the country.
hold a simplification conference in 2006, focusing on the views and needs of stakeholders.
She noted that the principal benefits of the proposals for Lifetime Savings Accounts and Retirement Savings Accounts are simplification and standardizaton of the conditions under which participants may withdraw the funds.
This year, the AICPA tax simplification day ceremonies in Washington, D.
The project will pilot two components: 1) a tax simplification reform in two countries , and 2) a reform of the tax incentives framework in one country.
Simplification, however, will only take place after the European Commission has tabled a proposal on each one.
However, some sellers may choose to continue to use their current systems and still enjoy the benefits of simplification.
Council endorsed a resolution calling for Congress to give tax simplification the highest priority.
The Rating Watch Evolving status reflects the potential for financial stability given the benefits of the proposed restructuring program, including reduced interest expense, simplification of CPN's capital structure, and lower debt refinancing burden going into the 2007-2008 timeframe.
Bank will finance personal attention centers, civil servant training, rationalization of processes and simplification of procedures, among other measures.
We are pleased to offer our views on the enforcement challenges within LMSB, the IRS Budget for Fiscal Year 2004, the use of private collection agencies for collection of federal taxes, proposals regarding disclosure of corporate tax returns and requiring CEOs to sign income tax returns, and simplification of the complex tax system and its effects on our system of tax administration.
EU Agriculture Ministers and Commissioner Franz Fischler concur in insisting that simplification of the CAP must not be achieved to the detriment of effective control through an integrated management and control system.
The AICPA recently joined forces with the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Taxation and Tax Executives Institute (TEI) to urge that major simplification of the tax laws be an urgent and continuing priority of Congress.