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Synonyms for simple

Synonyms for simple

posing no difficulty

without addition, decoration, or qualification

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

of little distinction

Synonyms for simple

any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties

having few parts

easy and not involved or complicated

apart from anything else


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exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

lacking mental capacity and subtlety

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(botany) of leaf shapes


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What is fundamentally important", Cllr Buchanan highlighted, "is a simpler CAP which will more effectively allow sustainable job creation in rural areas and facilitate and support more young farmers who are the future of the industry.
As Vice President of Simpler Consulting, Cooper leads a multi-cultural team of consultants in more than ten languages throughout Europe and Asia.
His solution was to invent simpler, one-stop shopping for mutual funds--a move that launched a new industry.
and our country considers toppling militarily the leader of another sovereign state (World War II, at least in retrospect, was a lot simpler ethically).
Auspex's NSc3000 is the first SAN-to-NAS gateway capable of storing and accessing files on heterogeneous storage subsystems, providing simpler and less expensive management of data assets.
The new interface is much simpler, cleaner, and more streamlined.
Whenever Harry heard his fellow cottagers recalling the good old days, those, so-called, simpler times, he would just nod without comment.
When we make a requirement simpler to understand and simpler to comply with, we make it simpler for our office to determine compliance," says Hiram Bernstein, senior legal advisor for the USPTO.
These smaller, simpler devices offer significant advantages.
Darwinian theory holds that by a process of natural selection, simpler organisms evolve into more complex ones.
At first glance, the formal sensibilities of this rather loose aggregate of seven(1) firms would seem to indicate an abrupt break from those of their big-budget, high-profile, expressionistic predecessors (and in many cases mentors): aesthetically, a more subtle palette of materials, a simpler vocabulary of forms.
Deborah Walker, chair of the tax executive committee of the American Institute of CPAs, in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, said the AICPA supported a more understandable and simpler tax system that encouraged voluntary compliance.
com, the premier resource for the best deals on consumer electronics, gadgets, apparel, and more, has hired Clover Simpler as its new Head of Sales.