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a device for overcoming resistance at one point by applying force at some other point

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This simple machine is really an inclined plane wrapped around a shaft, the way a sloping trail winds around a mountain.
In terms of demonstrated understanding, the post-learning quiz indicated that 94% and 67% of the students were able to identify the simple machine in an alarm clock and a cricket bat respectively while 89% could identify the 3 simple machines in a wheelbarrow.
In this article, we present and discuss a third-grade differentiated unit on simple machines.
Fey's simple machine was a hit, and soon thousands were installed in cigar stores, barbershops, saloons and the like.
The wheel is not a simple machine, but the wheel and axle is.
An American missionary in El Salvador started using an obsolete, simple machine, which originally extracted molasses from sugarcane, to compact the sugarcane refuse into high-energy fuel logs that burn with a sweet aroma.
This simple machine (right) gives a double health kick - it squeezes citrus fruits for your vitamin C fix and also works the triceps.
Early matchplate molding involved the operator assembling a pair of removable "snap-flasks" together with the pattern, and then filling each side of the mold with sand, followed by a simple machine squeeze cycle to make the mold.
They see that if a sand timer can give consistent results for three or four consecutive tests, then it can be a fairly reliable simple machine to use for various daily activities.
But this isn't the only use for this deceptively simple machine.
A device of molecular dimensions moves like a simple machine when stimulated by light, according to a new study.
With a freshman in any area of study, however, you may want to start with a cheap, simple machine that has room for lots of upgrades as technology improves and needs increase.
Remember that every simple machine helps us do work easier by multiplying the force or changing the speed and possibly the direction of the force.
It's basically a simple machine with hardened and ground ways, a good ball screw system, and functional design, aimed at shops with 100 or more employees.
In 1950 Turing showed that, in principle, a very simple machine capable of an astonishingly few moves could solve any problem capable of being formulated in mathematical terms.