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an eye having a single lens

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These simple eyes occur in a pair near the base of each radiole.
Furthermore, multiple ocelli can be grouped together into a compound eye, or, alternatively, multiple photoreceptors can be pooled behind a shared aperture or lens, producing a simple eye.
For obvious reasons, a hemispherical compound eye also has a much wider field of view than a mostly-flat simple eye with only a small aperture at the front.
Three are very small, but the two large eyes are COMPOUND EYES, made up of hundreds of simple eyes.
The look is classic and dramatic,echoing that of the black and white film stars of yesteryear and incorporating defined brows above striking but simple eyes defined with pale shadow and mascara.
These simple eyes, known as ocelli, are arranged around the top of the head so that a spider can see in all directions at once.
In Five Figures, while one face is completely obliterated by a heavy black diagonal another shows simple eyes and nose or mouth.
For a long time, nobody knew how the animals do phototaxis with their simple eyes and nervous system," explained Detlev Arendt, whose team carried out the research at EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory).
Spiders have eight legs and most have eight simple eyes.
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