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Synonyms for simple

Synonyms for simple

posing no difficulty

without addition, decoration, or qualification

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

of little distinction

Synonyms for simple

any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties

having few parts

easy and not involved or complicated

apart from anything else


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exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

lacking mental capacity and subtlety

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(botany) of leaf shapes


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Kroger introduced Simple Truth in its fourth quarter 2012, and the brand now offers over 1,400 unique products across multiple categories, including grocery, meat, produce, deli, bakery, baby, household essentials and personal care.
A SIMPLE IRA also can work if you are just starting a company and have no employees.
Simple, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 2009 and its commercial launch took place in July 2012.
Together, Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic include nearly 250 products.
John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems, adds, "By integrating web-based applications with Really Simple Systems web-based CRM system, businesses can offer customers a closely coupled CRM functionality and get exposure to Really Simple Systems' customer base.
The job would encompass everything within online marketing, including being a company spokesperson through blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook, as well as developing appropriate online campaigns to raise awareness of Simple and its products.
Available in August from any First Choice or Thomson foreign exchange, the limited edition pack contains three products to help achieve gorgeous skin, plus a Simple Skin Health Check and a Simple half-price Summer Holiday Essentials voucher.
1]easy 1, straightforward <a simple explanation>
shtml Elementary students can complete experiments about simple machines to learn about six simple machines and their important attributes.
For fun, bring a little bit of whimsy to the dinner table with ``no-shop,'' ``no-cook'' and ``shortcut meals'' that take advantage of convenience foods such as rotisserie chicken, frozen toaster waffles and pasta sauces in the jar, says Schettler of Real Simple magazine.
Simple Remote's features include contact management, a detailed transaction screen that allows users to track every aspect of a financing, brokerage, or leasing transaction all on one screen; detailed tracking of offers and counteroffers from multiple bidders on a property; documents and images associated with each transaction are linked; a built-in real estate calculator for every type of real estate calculation; and a calendar with pop-up reminders.
For mathematicians, our use of numbers and simple addition grows to include things like multiplication, division, and algebra.
To tap into one's applied intuition, all one has to do is set up a means of communication between mind and body, and this can be done with a movement of a simple stick--the tool is only an extension, an exaggerated movement of the body.
Professional dog trainer Teoti Anderson presents The Super Simple Guide To Housetraining, a no-nonsense guide to teaching puppies and adult dogs exactly what one expects of them.
Although there are many barriers to experimenting with improvisation or playing by ear, these barriers provide us with a compelling reason to work with some simple, yet effective, electronic tools, such as the MIDI accompaniment file.