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At the story's core are the Israelites: Stiff-necked and simpering, they complain to Moses that the divine diet he's catered for their errand in the desert, the heavenly manna, just won't do.
The super serious pair are pitched against each other by evil scientist Lex Luthor, played by simpering, skinny Jesse Eisenberg needing a haircut.
When I interviewed Noel Gallagher recently, we got on like a bridge on fire to the extent that the amount of simpering, gushing and giggling - all mine, I fear - on the tape indicated that a coachload of Japanese schoolgirls had joined us at some point.
What did simpering Sarah Platt hope to achieve by telling the cops that cartoon villain Callum had a gun?
But the movie loses its momentum as it stumbles to a fiery conclusion, ending on a note that's more simpering than sinister.
Meanwhile, Peter Barlow discovers that Jim McDonald makes a dangerous enemy when his cell is trashed and Gail is helping Michael track down his long lost father using her computer know-how and industrial-sized helpings of her trademark simpering.
helps Sharon home Linda is furious with Sharon for blurting out her secret and refuses to accept her simpering apologies.
She's clearly a very intelligent woman and at Labour's conference told people she was "more than a dress" and then she's pictured simpering over him and looking like something out the Stepford Wives.
CAST: Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Sean Bean THE PLOT: A wicked queen wonders if she's the fairest of them all - and then asks a simpering sidekick to get rid of Snow White (Lily Collins).
It solves nothing, simpering vegetarian liberals will tell you, while secretly yearning to be thrashed senseless by a jack booted dominatrix.
I can assure him that while she was there, she was never given to simpering and that she doesn''t have a distant, stereotypical view of the North - well, not of Merseyside anyway.
And David Nalbandian, the man the simpering Cypriot beat in round whatever it was.
Then there's the awful acting, notably from Mike Calveley as the daughter's simpering psychiatrist boyfriend, and gay characters so stereotyped as to make Are You Being Served?
And the one naysayer, Princeton art professor Hal Foster, comes off as a simpering flibbertigibbet.
No sooner are the two rutting like minks than simpering Daniel is giving Kyril expensive jewelry, getting lilt up for cash, being cajoled into storing a hot valise, lied to about the ugly wells that turn up on Kyril's hands, and providing Kyril's girlfriend with free room and board.