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traffic in ecclesiastical offices or preferments


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As a result, the pastors, who succumb to the temptation of simony, become increasingly rich and their faithful increasingly poor.
And thus, Benvenuto concludes, money turns hypocrisy into simony ("ita quod lucrum hypocrisis convertit in simoniam").
Aghast, the Duchess dismisses Aurelia's claim: "A curate that has got his place by simony / Is not half black enough to marry thee" (5.
Executive director: Greg Simony Mission: To help those with physical disabilities.
Nevertheless, immorality, nepotism, simony and lavishness gave the Roman church a bad reputation and the scandalous behavior of popes and cardinals needed to be corrected.
sin: the falseness of hypocrisy, the depravity of simony, iniquity
28) In addition, Kamowski claimed an immediate relevance of the poem for 14th-century England as a reaction to the heresy inspired by John Wycliff and his criticism against ecclesiastical corruption and simony.
Comedy for Dante is synonymous with irony and refers to the demystification of the deceptive facade of apparently noble characters like Ulysses or Ugolino whom we meet in the eighth and ninth circles where the sins of simony, prophecy, grafting, thievery and fraud are punished.
In the current study, researchers led by Simony Nascimento from UNICAMP Medical School in Campinas recruited 82 heavy women who were already between three and five and a half months into their pregnancies.
What is more, the dynamic relations between Winkler's objets d'art carry the hint of "antique shop" simony.
At the same time, popular denouncement of the secular clergy as heretics sullied by simony and concubinage questioned the nature of traditional ecclesiastical authority itself.
The authors state that, "throughout 'Two Gallants,' as in many other stories in Dubliners, sexuality is displaced into other economies, and these displacements could be understood as simony in reverse, the spiritual trafficking of worldly matters" (137).
Simony, the trading of favours between birds of a feather.
Abbot Dom Frei Gomes Eanes stands as an example of the opportunities a Church career could afford to those of non-elite origins, even in the late medieval environment ripe with nepotism, patronage, and simony.
For example, for the "heretics," the major sins were simony and concubinage, and the clergy were the big offenders.