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traffic in ecclesiastical offices or preferments


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Noul curent simonist revigora societatile desacralizate europene in conformitate cu spiritul generos al industrialismului.
The nature of such gifts as freely given is stressed in a passage to be discussed more fully below, contrasting the generosity of Christ with the greed of simonists who profit materially from brokering that which is supposed to be freely available to all (751-58).
Miniato from fear of contamination by the simonist abbot Ubertus, but his subsequent status as a gryovage or wandering monk was justified by a miraculous multiplication of bread and eggs for a poor beggar, a sign of divine favor on his public denunciation of abuse.
Cardinal Peter Damian, a more flexible soul, admitted that a simonist was a bad bishop, but a bishop nonetheless.
However, under Smarr's lens this tale, with its narrative within the narrative, reveals a heretofore unsuspected complexity, with links to the Book of Matthew and Dante's depiction of the Simonists in Inferno 19.