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traffic in ecclesiastical offices or preferments


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According to Andreas, some came to make a pilgrimage, some to learn the new way of monastic life, some to flee simoniacal superiors, and others, having heard that John and his monks publicly denounced simony, to be instructed about how to avoid it.
The choice of Erkenwald for a hero is particularly meaningful in view of the fact that in his own time he was consecrated bishop in succession to simoniacal Wini (Farmer 1978: 134).
He defended the moderate position that simoniacal and sexually active clerics could validly perform the sacraments for others--though their sacramental acts simply served to condemn them as vessels fit for destruction.
According to Zelivsky these oppressors, exalted by the Donation of Constantine and simoniacal heresy, would not proclaim God's kingdom to the poor.
To make sure his readers understand his point, he repeats this comparison between a pious and learned layman and an ignorant, immoral, and simoniacal priest two more times.