simmer down

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Synonyms for simmer down

become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation

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I would love to get the two biggest gangs (Burger Bar Boys and Johnson Crew) on stage at Simmer Down, to have a truce if only for one day
Last year around 13,000 flocked to Handsworth Park for the event but the stellar line-up this time, the fifth Simmer Down, is expected to attract many more.
But it seems that Mr Malik's frequent flying has not helped the situation simmer down.
They were both so angry, the crew had to take a break for an hour for things to simmer down.
Going to the Flames: The old Stipendiary Magistrate, Ignatius Morgan fixed it; fixed it with soft soap and the passing of time, first a day and a night, then a week, then a second postponement of the inquest, and all done with a word in the coroner's ear, letting things simmer down, as if evil spirits would go away, soft-shoeing over the tramway like vanishing gypsies who'd done their stint of filching and were now eager to creep off.
The 5 coffee blends offered are: Mystic Morning Wake Up Coffee Medium Roast, Simmer Down Organic Swiss Water Decaf, One Love Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Lively Up
Summary: The intense debate between Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and Speaker Nabih Berri over allocations for the Council of the South may simmer down amid news that a compromise is being worked out before the next Cabinet meeting on Thursday.
It is in the interests of Opec for the market to simmer down and for the economy to recover, and demand will recover and probably oil prices with it.
SIMMER DOWN is another recipe-enhanced mystery novel by authors who have used the successful formula blending mystery with culinary insights in prior, successful books.
Even a cursory glance into the data will tell you metabolic and nutrition disorders are rampant in western society, and not likely to simmer down for some time.
The dog in question, Simmer Down Pat, had been entered by someone claiming to be a `Murray Walker', and it was only when Swindon contacted the Essex-based handler to confirm kenneling times that the deception was uncovered.
OK, so simmer down out there, you irascible bunch of furniture heads, this is America, and last I checked, expressing my opinion was the core part of my freedom-and-rights combo package.
Now that there's no legal basis, I think all these conflicts will simmer down," she said.
When strife convulses a country, these organizations typically try to avoid the fracas and so retreat until the residents simmer down.
Retail property sales will simmer down in late 1997, reflecting a continuing shakeout among stores.