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Proposing a mechanism to explain the unusually high level of similarity, researchers show that it is associated with risk of cancer in adulthood, according to the study.
By analysing data from a genome-scale study of DNA methylation in monozygotic and dizygotic twins, researchers identified genomic regions at which the epigenetic similarity of monozygotic, or identical, twins are substantially greater than can be explained by their genetic identity.
Objective: Semantic representation the knowledge that we have of the world is an essential component of our mind whose nature can be inferred from similarity measures, which we use every day to compare entities on the basis of their meaning.
Literature review reflects that similarity measures play an important role in the analysis and research of clustering analysis, decision making, medical diagnosis, pattern recognition, etc.
Pramanik and Mondal [19] proposed cotangent similarity measure of rough neutrosophic sets.
Substantial similarity is a fundamental limit on the scope of copyright, but it is plagued by confusion and governed by a series of arcane tests that differ in each circuit.
Adele's song "Million Years Ago" drew the attention of social media users due to its similarity to one of Kaya's well-known songs, "Acylara tutunmak" (Holding onto pain).
The concept of fuzzy equality has the same meaning as the notion of similarity, since the similarity in essence is a generalization of the concept of equivalence [10].
In previous works, distance and angle are often considered in the similarity measurement between vectors [43].
Given the above, this study aimed to analyze the effect of different types of brand name (arbitrary, descriptive and suggestive) at different levels of perceived similarity between services (high similarity vs low similarity) and different levels of perceived quality of services (high quality vs low quality) of the parent brand, the consumer evaluations in the context of brand extension.
A similarity measure for neutrosophic set (NS) is used for estimating the degree of similarity between two neutrosophic sets.
As a common-law-style device that mirrors the functioning of other areas of private law, such as tort law, substantial similarity remains an unappreciated source of flexibility and pluralism in copyright law.
Replying to a journalist's question if there was a similarity between resolving the issue between Macedonia and Greece and the way in which the problem between Slovenia and Croatia was solved, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that perhaps the similarity rested in the fact that the issue created by Macedonia's southern neighbor would be resolved in parallel with the membership negotiations.
With the rapid increase in the number of DNA sequences and the need to analyze these sequences and to find the similarity between these sequences, several techniques have been suggested.