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an ape or monkey

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For those who create video, Simian provides an ever-evolving video sharing, presentation, collaboration platform designed by and with industry leaders.
Thus, we propose a new candidate simian species, named SAdV-D, for this new cluster of macaque adenovirus strains.
Spidey is a good kid, but he lacks the insights of Maurice, the stooped, copper-colored simian in "Dawn" whose speech sounds like it was scrambled by an errant deejay, but who nonetheless conveys a calm in his community.
Before he founded Simian Risk, Ian gained a City and Guilds in Health and Safety, and a Nebosh General Certificate.
And, unfortunately, the ruse of chimpanzee rights/advocacy is merely theater for Thomas to find love in the hands of his pal, simian Sparks, because Thomas himself could never get the girl.
TicketInfo Simian Mobile Disco are joined by Kissy Sell Out, Riton, Young Fathers, Pete Jordan and Gold Panda at the Rainbow Warehouse, Digbeth, tomorrow.
Diddy - the DJ and producer says his Simian partner Jas Shaw has no problem with his other job.
Worshipped by Hindu faithfulls across India as the incarnation of monkey-faced god "Hanuman", the simians are highly revered, but have in most areas turned out to be a nuisance.
The first recognized case of naturally acquired simian malaria was a 1965 case of P.
ISSUE: Were simian creases the key to proving a prenatal injury?
Well, James Shaw and James Ford - who together make up DJ/production duo Simian Mobile Disco - are living the dream.
Ibaraki, Japan) has patented a method for highly efficient gene transfer into primate-derived embryonic stem (ES) cells has successfully been achieved by using a simian immunodeficiency virus vector (SIV) pseudotyped with VSV-G protein, which is a surface glycoprotein of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) The present invention provides simian immunodeficiency virus vectors for gene transfer to primate ES cells.
for a simian that means a few trees on a plot of land -- but instead will enjoy the ambience of a $7.
Another corporate expansion was that of US company Simian Technologies Inc, reported to be establishing a European office.
Specifically, the partners will conduct validation experiments using simian T-cells and Simian Immune Deficiency Virus (SIV).