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Synonyms for silvery

resembling or reminiscent of silver


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having the white lustrous sheen of silver

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of lustrous grey

References in classic literature ?
I've seen a fine, silvery mist hanging over the bar at sunrise that seemed like her--and then again I've seen a white birch in the woods back yander that made me think of her.
The silvery mist was touched with the first rays of the moonlight, and the same rays touched the tears that dropped from her eyes.
The western end was already steeped in moon- shine; the rest, and the block house itself, still lay in a black shadow chequered with long silvery streaks of light.
Three dim creatures in the silvery light came along the edge of the wan beach,--one a white-wrapped creature, the other two blotches of blackness following it.
I sat down upon the edge of the sink, and with my eyes upon that ghastly pile of silvery light and ominous shadows began to turn over my plans.
It was apparently impregnated with an effervescent gas, for little bubbles were continually ascending from the depths of the glasses, and bursting in silvery spray at the surface.
Their eyes grew clear and bright; a dark shade deepened among their silvery locks, they sat around the table, three gentlemen of middle age, and a woman, hardly beyond her buxom prime.
A thin, silvery mist softened the calm and majestic splendour of light without shadows - seemed to render the sky less remote and the ocean less immense.
Yet may I say," slightly changing her place, so as to make room for me beside her, "may I say, in Hamlet's words, 'Rest, rest--'" she broke off with a silvery laugh.
The staircase was so dark, at first, that I could only just see the forms of the children, as, hand-in-hand, they groped their way down after their guide: but it got lighter every moment, with a strange silvery brightness, that seemed to exist in the air, as there were no lamps visible; and, when at last we reached a level floor, the room, in which we found ourselves, was almost as light as day.
The genus Artemesia gives us plenty of silvery specimens.
LAMIUM maculatum White Nancy and Silver Beacon are two outstanding spreading perennials that form carpets of semi-evergreen silvery nettle-like leaves.
Looking for Silvery Minnow in the Rio Grande, Genevieve Johnson, Bureau of Reclamation.
Berwick-based Silvery Tweed Cereals has created eight new jobs after an investment in new plant and machinery allowed the company to commission new machinery and automate a number of processes using the latest food processing technology.