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Synonyms for silver-grey

of grey resembling silver

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The new design - the first major redesign in 14 years - includes a simplified Northwest logo and a light silver-grey fuselage, while the aircraft's distinctive red tail will remain.
The Time Capsule contains a selection of Nestle products in a cylindrical silver-grey HDPE container that is decorated with a brightly coloured sleeve label.
In addition, the pb First Class Travel Package II will be introduced, which will include a fleece travel blanket, eye mask and travel socks and be offered in a chic silver-grey tone and also in chocolate brown.
uk - 0844 557 2244) SILVER-GREY LEAVES Those with minute, fleshy, sword and grassy leaves, as well as those with silver-grey leaves for a hassle-free garden.
The terrifying incident happened at around 4pm when a silver-grey 4x4 vehicle pulled up beside the woman in Eglinton Street in Beith, Ayrshire.
North Wales Police would like to speak to anyone who sawa silver-grey Subaru Forester in the area or in Llanrwst between Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am.
The stunning former Atomic Kitten babe dazzled on the red carpet in a silver-grey gown.
The fascia inserts are in a silver-grey metallic finish and the seat belts are also in silver-grey.
Mr Norris is known to have boarded the ferry driving a silver-grey Volkswagen Golf, registration G125XFH, and Staffordshire officers have alerted Interpol to his presence on the Continent.
Main picture - silver-grey halter neck dress, pounds 65, from Warehouse Top right - silver tunic, pounds 34.
The most elegant dabbling duck is the pintail drake with its distinctive 10cm tail, chocolate-brown head, white neck, and silver-grey body and black and yellow undertail patches.
The whole plant starts green, then the stems and bracts take on silver-grey tones while the flowers turn blue.
A silver-grey coloured car pulled up alongside the victim and his two young cousins, and a youth, aged 16 to 18, leapt out, approached the victim and punched him in the face.