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Synonyms for silver-bodied

having a silver-colored body

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Anglers casting small jigs tipped with shrimp, silver-bodied plugs and spoons along the mangrove shorelines can find themselves hooking any of the river's fish species.
In the lift and out, silver-bodied, walking on shiny
And they said the Claret bob-fly with a silver-bodied March Brown or Invicta as a dropper, with a black fly on the point, was highly successful.
From then on, fish after fish fell to his set- up of a size 10 silver-bodied booby on the point, a gold-bodied version of the same fly on the bob and a Bibio muddler in between.
A silver-bodied fly, such as a Silver Stoat, a Silver Grey or even a Silver Wilkie, will do the trick.