silver storm

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a storm with freezing rain that leaves everything glazed with ice


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6CRD LS five-door or SW in the firm's Silver Storm, Phantom Black or Abyss Blue colours and you can have a free upgrade from standard 16-inch rims to sporty 17-inch alloys.
END OF AN ERA: The Silver Storm Corniche (right) receives finishing touches from Karl Shirley, as the last Rolls-Royce to be built at the luxury car-maker's plant at Crewe.
A two-door Silver Storm convertible Corniche worth more than pounds 250,000 that was polished to perfection.
The final Rolls-Royce built at the plant in Pyms Lane is a unique two-door Silver Storm convertible Corniche, which will remain the property of the Crewe factory,the company said yesterday.
The collection features six shades -- silver storm, purple passion, wild orchids, gold leaf, chocolate dreams and bronze lights.
The day I called out, Mirror, you're mine, Parul flower, you're mine, Wish, you're mine--that day, the silver storm roared in anger, saying, That's a lie.