silver solder

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a solder that contains silver

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I was wondering, if you're not too concerned about originality, how about getting someone like Alex to drillout the old firing pin, fit a new length of material in and either silver solder it or simply use Accraglas or Epoxy to hold it.
With a maximum cutting force of 600 pound, this machine can cut a virtually limitless range of materials, including copper wire and cable, silver solder, power cords, cellophane, fiberglass sleeving, latex, fabrics, belting, flat and ribbon cable, strapping, hosing, and tubing.
99% oxygen-free, solid-copper conductors and high-purity, silver solder joints drastically reduce signal distortion for audio and video clarity
Tenders are invited for Supply Of No Clean Flux Cored Silver Solder
One day, out of the blue, I up and asked Chris Hagemann, who has been with me for over 20 years, to silver solder a part for me.
The oven is precisely temperature-controlled for the type of silver solder being used and filled with inert gas to prevent oxidation.
One of the most notable additions is the extended beavertail grafted to the frame with silver solder.
The best preparation to keep the cotton-pickin' silver solder off places where it's unwanted sometimes seems like a waste of time.
I found a local that can machine a pin and silver solder the sight back on but it's very spendy, like $250-$300.
Tenders are invited for Silver Solder To Is 2927/75 Gr.