silver screen

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the film industry

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a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing

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Jim Lockwood is an absolute master craftsman specializing in rigs worn by silver screen heroes as well as some found on the early days of TV Westerns.
Fans of his skewed take on the world will scarf up Silver Screen Fiend like a tub of popcorn at a Saturday matinee.
But despite his job selling to customers, Ron always remembered sneaking a peek at the sirens of the age on the silver screen.
Mrs Brown's silver screen debut is decidedly underwhelming | Mrs Brown's silver screen debut is decidedly underwhelming
In honor of his excellent contribution to Indian Silver Screen he was titled the Sherif of Mumbai in 1980.
Silver screens are also expensive, difficult to manufacture, delicate and relatively short-lived.
Odeon bosses say some of the over-60s customers at their weekly Silver Screen events have upset staff with "unacceptable and juvenile behaviour".
With 43 years of experience on the dance scene, Lucinda Childs, member of Judson Dance Theater and well-known downtown dancer, makes for an interesting portrait on the silver screen.
Illustrated with more than 100 b&w photographs, this volume celebrates the golden age of the silver screen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
And it's clear that gay visibility on the silver screen suffers for Hollywood's greed.
Among the Western actresses at the party was Donna Martell of Chatsworth, who shared the silver screen with several Western stars including Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Kit Carson.
Forty-three percent said such exposure would increase rents while 57% said time on the silver screen would have no impact.
All have filled the silver screen with frightful horrors.
Jaguar cars are also no strangers to the silver screen, having starred in blockbusters including James Bond film 'Die Another Day' and ' Ocean's Twelve' but Conwy Jaguar's mini cinema experience places the vehicles at the centre of several exciting scenarios and brings the big cat to the small screen for customers.
AND LET'S NOT FORGET "theatricality," Even in its day, such qualities made Minimalism seem perfectly suited for the silver screen.