silver salmon

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fatty pinkish flesh of small salmon caught in the Pacific and Great Lakes

small salmon of northern Pacific coasts and the Great Lakes

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The mouth of Chester Creek is the site of one of several projects in this watershed aimed at improving life for silver salmon and city residents.
Among those who were concerned with origin, 24% said they preferred the taste of Japanese silver salmon, compared to 20.
Alaska coho, or silver salmon, are typically the last to enter the market, rounding out the season in mid-June and stretching into October.
Meanwhile, two larger silver salmon caught by Kristi Roelle still had their adipose fins and were released, as was a small chinook that wouldn't have been of legal size even if chinook could be kept.
Sometimes there are a few silver salmon among the autumn run which are not too coloured and obviously the anglers prize them.
Coho, or silver salmon have white gums; a threatened species in California, coho are unlawful to keep.
November into March, you can watch spawning king salmon, silver salmon, and steelhead leaping the fish ladder into the state-of-the-art hatchery here.
I know about July 15, I'm going to start buying troll-caught silver salmon out of Southeast Alaska.
LeBlanc, master fly tier Bill Wilbur, New England Fly Tiers president Don Soar, Dick Conroy and Govan Baird hooked coolers full of silver salmon between 10 and 20 pounds and sockeye salmon between 5 and 12 pounds.
A total of 90 minutes later, the massive silver salmon, fresh in from the sea, was landed on the banks of the River Lochy near Sandy's home in Inverlochy.
Coho have always dominated the harvest by sport fishermen along the Oregon Coast, but only 276,000 of the silver salmon are expected to return to Oregon waters in 2008.
In Kenai, fish for King salmon or Silver salmon with a world-class salmon fishing adventure from Fish Alaska/Log Cabin Loge.
When fishing for grayling on the river Dee in North Wales in late November I saw an unbelievable number of silver salmon cavorting in pools - wonderful news.
PHOTO (Color) Alaska angling guide Don Martin, who winters in West Los Angeles, displays an 8-pound silver salmon for which the Mulchatna River is famous.
Looking like trout, these baby silver salmon have been raised in ponds and harvested young.