silver nitrate

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a nitrate used in making photographic emulsions

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Solution 1 (Maleic acid) Maleic acid 25 g Distilled water 1000 mL Solution 2 (Redox) Ferric nitrate 30 g Ferrous ammonium sulfate 80 g Citric acid 20 g Distilled water 1000 mL Solution 3 (Detergent) n-Dodecylamine acetate 3 g Synperonic-N 4 g Distilled water 1000 mL Solution 4 (Silver nitrate) Silver nitrate 200 g Distilled water 1000 mL
One-way mirrors contain 50 to 75 percent less silver nitrate.
Silver nitrate and oxychlorosene sodium are thought to work by first attacking the bladder lining.
Ritter soaked strips of paper in silver nitrate solution and placed them in different sections of the spectrum to see how rapidly they darkened.
The effectiveness silver nitrate drops and tetracycline ointment were compared in a study from Kenya.
The present article discusses vision saving technique for non invasive stage of eye cancer using superficial keratectomy along with application of silver nitrate in 18 bovines presented from August 2012-April 2016.
Reaction mixtures are i) 20ml of 1mM silver nitrate with 20ml of culture supernatant ii) 20ml of 1mM silver nitrate with 1g of cell (pellet).
Stamplecoskie and Scaiano use a solution of silver nitrate with two additives.
The patient underwent several treatments with silver nitrate cautery followed by the application of topical antibiotic creams and ointments without benefit.
Reporting in the December Nature Materials, the UCSD group created two dust-coated drops, one containing silver nitrate and the other containing potassium iodide.
Silver nitrate is applied to the area that bleeds, which shrivels the blood vessels and reduces future bleeding.
After taking in various design features in the lobby - panels of blown glass intended to simulate the silver nitrate in the original movie screens, a chandelier that pays homage to dance choreographer Busby Berkeley, an actual Oscar statuette that can be examined up close in the George Eastman VIP lounge - the tour enters a door onto the first floor of the theater.
Silver nitrate is used to develop latent prints on porous specimens.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of silver nitrate ar grade in 25 gm pack.