silver nitrate

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a nitrate used in making photographic emulsions

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The "Global and Chinese Silver Nitrate Industry, 2015 Market Research Report'' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Silver Nitrate market with a focus on the Chinese market.
He perfected the process of using gun cotton - a material used on wounded soldiers - and ether to adhere the silver nitrate to the plate.
Whether it's a Rogue Valley cabernet or a silver nitrate ulcer cauterization, consumers lack information about what it should cost.
The technique uses a 5% silver nitrate solution in which ionized silver binds with chloride ions to form silver chloride; the latter subsequently darkens upon exposure to light (Komnich 1977; Bradley T.
In the 1720s a German physician, Johann Schulze (1687-1744) reported that a mixture of chalk and silver nitrate would darken if left in sunlight but not when it was heated.
Sherwood's Model 926 Chloride Analyser is widely chosen for its ability to deliver highly accurate results without the need to make up the fresh reagents required by traditional silver nitrate methods for chloride determination.
Lustre Glaze Recipe I Lead Basilicate 20% Colemanite 6% Boric Aside 15% Potasium Feldspar 18% Flint 12% Soda 30% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1% Rutile 2% Tin Oxide 1% Lustre Glaze Recipe II Potasium Feldspar 33% Borax 37% Whiting 11% Soda 6% Flint 11% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1%
But the FDA warns consumers to steer clear of any temporary tattoos labeled as "black henna" or "premixed henna," as these have been known to contain potentially harmful adulterants including silver nitrate, carmine, pyrogallol, disperse orange dye and chromium.
The sections were waterproofed with the nail varnish, with the exception of the pulpal floor interface of the cavity, and immersed in aqueous ammoniacal silver nitrate for 24 hrs.
Reaction of silver nitrate and the gold compound chloroauric acid under these conditions led to successive reduction of the metals and the formation of different silver, gold and bimetallic nanoparticles.
1] silver nitrate methanolic solution to the liquid prepolymer to give three different concentrations: 3.
The ultrasmall nanoparticles are bonded on the surface after reduction of silver nitrate by the amine units and inherit the composite with extraordinary antimicrobial activity in various bacterial strains and yeasts.
Blake Hutchings, from Coventry, took a bottle of 84 silver nitrate pills during the protest in Leicester.