silver lining

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a consoling aspect of a difficult situation

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The new insurance product Silver Lining Benefits is offering is a new twist on an old idea enabling absolute company savings without touching existing plans hits the mark for CEOs, HR Directors and other decision makers alike.
These Silver Linings comprise the soul of the guide, which is designed to provide hope and information every step of the way.
The FBU understands that the Silver Lining furniture company employs 50 people.
It was Paul Galvin who said it a couple of years ago about him, if you came to Fitzy and said you had a broken leg he'd see the silver lining somewhere, 'That's great, you've got six months to work with recovery' and that's just the way he thinks.
SILVER LINING As much as you wanna jump for joy knowing that you've caught your crush's eye, do you really have the time or energy for a player?
Luckily for Silver Lining Tours, the firm finally found a solution through a broker in its own backyard.
Scary, dark pictures of witches and goblins and other things that frighten the grey cloud are counterbalanced by the presence of the helpful Silver Fairy, who patiently explains to the grey cloud that all scary things have their purpose, and eventually even a thunderstorm can lead to a beautiful rainbow and a little grey cloud can find a silver lining.
Seeking an economic silver lining has become increasingly more difficult.
The Jerome Kern song, Look for the Silver Lining, urges us to "always look for the silver lining, and try to find the sunny side of life.
The second silver lining, Kuehl noted in the article, is the fact that the labor pool is always more shallow than preferred, and when the jobless rate is low there is a lower selection.
Silver Lining Solutions, based in Rugby, has developed a system called 'Skills Manager' which assesses, analyses and improves the skills of staff working in call centres and offices.
Chorion is pleased to announce the growth of its creative team operating out of Chorion's US subsidiary, Chorion Silver Lining.
We've all heard that every cloud has a silver lining, but could it be true even when the problem comes in the form of a $725.
There is an almost universal faith that every cloud has a silver lining.
Beyond all this talk of DR gloom and doom, there is a silver lining.