silver gray

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a light shade of grey

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The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of different inorganic (B: black, SG: silver gray, R: red and GC: ground cover PE) and organic (S: straw) mulching materials on earliness, yield and some quality parameters of tomatoes of the first out of season production under ecological conditions of Samsun Province.
Experimental plots of black PE, silver gray PE, red PE, ground cover PE, straw mulch treatments and control treatment (without mulch treatment) were randomly distributed over the seed beds.
6 days) was observed in silver gray and ground cover mulch treatments with quite high soil temperatures.
Since silver gray mulch has a bright surface and reflects more light, it had the highest stomal conductance (128.
In the present study, silver gray mulch treatment had the highest stomal conductance (128.
Silver gray, currently called trendy and almost always unflattering, showed up in matte knits, shiny spandex and bugle-beaded satin on numerous slaves to fashion.
8 Jacob El Hanani (Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York) From a distance El Hanani's labor-intensive drawings looked like silver gray monochromes, but up close one saw that they were built out of letters, symbols, figures, and images so tiny that they put one in mind of a person dedicated to inscribing the Koran on a grain of rice.
Today, the family holds hope that the driver of the car, described as a light blue or silver gray Nissan, Toyota Tercel or Volkswagen Rabbit, will be apprehended.
Between the ovals is a metallic silver gray, and the entire thing operates on a mint-green canvas.
The impact may have shattered the windshield on the car, described as a light blue or silver gray Nissan, Toyota Tercel or Volkswagen Rabbit.