silver grass

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Target is composed of three different properties; home for the elderly Silver Shore (4 838 mA), dormitory Silver Grass (580 mA) and a service building (77 sqm).
This Chinese silver grass has finely banded foliage topped with maroon-red upright blooms in late summer, which age to pink etched with silver.
Variously called Susuki, Japanese Silver Grass and Eularia, the autumn performance of this ornamental grass is among the best and, as flowers and foliage can be left standing through the winter, it will be giving you pleasure until spring - dewy and frosty mornings in bright winter sunshine bring out the best in the grasses.
Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Fontane') produces lovely sprays of light brown seed heads in summer.
the silver grass feels the dizziness of the outdated,