silver fern

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tropical American fern having fronds with white undersides

fern of southern tropical Africa having fronds with white undersides

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According to Silver Fern chairman Rob Hewett, the deal was "the worst kept secret in the red meat sector.
During a presentation, Sharon Angus, chief of marketing at Silver Fern Farms, said the company brings New Zealand's finest halal beef and lamb to the people of Saudi Arabia.
THE ghost bramble, rubus thibetanus silver fern, is a must-have as its purplish prickly stems are heavily bloomed with white and shine on the dullest of days.
The aircraft will be painted all black and will feature New Zealand's silver fern across the rear of the aircraft up to its tail.
Tesco has made a rare move into brands in the fresh meats category, listing four branded lamb products from New Zealand supplier Silver Fern Farms.
95 pbk); Random House 13 Pearlie and the Silver Fern Fairy Wendy Harmer/Gypsy Taylor ($14.
In addition, Silver Fern Farms has received commitment from offshore customers to match the company s contributions.
There are still stand-out stalwarts wearing the Silver Fern on their pyjamas in the shape of skipper Daniel Vettori, Brendon McCullum, Jacob Oram, Scott Styris and Ross Taylor.
England's boss could have stayed Down Under and qualified for NZ but chose the Red Rose instead of the Silver Fern and beat them at their own game as a player home and away.
A silver fern is the emblem of which nation's rugby union team?
The Kiwis were called the All Blacks for the first time on that six-month, 34-game tour in 1905 as it was their first trip to Europe wearing their now famous all black strip with a silver fern.
Kapa O Pango talks about the silver fern, the blackness of the jersey and living your life as an All Black.
Based on the T2 Avensis, the special Colour Collection models come in Eclipse Black, Silver Steel, Carlo Blue or Silver Fern metallic paint finishes.
After a comprehensive system requirements audit by local Australian firm Silver Fern IT, GRA's drafting support manager David McCulloch deployed Silver Peak's Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software solution to accelerate data movement between data centers and branch offices.
McCaw has worn the silver fern eight times at the Millennium Stadium against Wales and won the lot.