silver fern

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tropical American fern having fronds with white undersides

fern of southern tropical Africa having fronds with white undersides

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The Chief Executive of Silver Fern Farms Dean Hamilton has stressed that it is a prudent act of NZM to take control absolutely and foster the range of merino products.
The design was meant to highlight the silver fern, widely considered the national symbol, but was likened by critics to both a towel and a corporate logo.
The key drivers are aligning to an iconic brand--the Silver Ferns, reaching the female market and having a positive influence for women in New Zealand.
In the end, it came down to two flags by architectural designer Kyle Lockwood that featured the same design of a silver fern and four red stars, but with different background colors.
PGW also announced that it had agreed with Silver Fern Farms to terminate the agreement entered into in 2009 governing livestock procurement services provided by the company.
Mr Key has previously said he would prefer a new flag featuring the national plant, a silver fern, on a black background.
The envoy was talking to reporters during the introduction of a new line of chilled lamb and beef products to Saudi Arabia by Silver Fern Farms, a leading New Zealand processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality red meat products in partnership with Almunajem, its local distributor in the Kingdom.
Kate, 32, dazzled in a black Jenny Packham dress embroidered at the shoulder with the country's emblem of a silver fern.
Martin further thanked his family, New Zealand Cricket, Auckland Cricket and Canterbury Cricket for their help and support over the years, adding that wearing the silver fern has brought him a huge amount of pride and will be something that he will always cherish, given his tendency to be viewed as a five-day specialist.
That's where I want to be, putting on the Silver Fern and playing for New Zealand.
He wore spectacles and a distinctive watch on his left wrist which bears a silver fern emblem mostly associated with New Zealand.
THE ghost bramble, rubus thibetanus silver fern, is a must-have as its purplish prickly stems are heavily bloomed with white and shine on the dullest of days.
The aircraft will be painted all black and will feature New Zealand's silver fern across the rear of the aircraft up to its tail.
Tesco has made a rare move into brands in the fresh meats category, listing four branded lamb products from New Zealand supplier Silver Fern Farms.