silver beech

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New Zealand beech with usually pale silvery bark

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At maturity, the height of the silver beech tree is 20 to 25 m and the trunk diameter at breast height is 0.
The color of silver beech wood has been compared to hard maple (Acer saccarhum) and cherry (Prunus serotina).
Many researchers have described the anatomy of silver beech (Parham 1933, Hinds and Reid 1957, NZFS 1965b).
The heartwood of silver beech is classified as perishable (less than 5 yr.
The fine and even texture of silver beech wood allows for uniform wearing, excellent machining and turning, good sawing, and satisfactory nailing.
The moisture content (MC) of green silver beech wood ranges from 79 percent on the North Island to 97 percent on the South Island (Entrican et al.
The physical and mechanical properties of silver beech vary with latitude and elevation, which necessitates timber grade distinction by source to maintain control over consistency of supply.
The density of silver beech heartwood is slightly higher than that of the sapwood.
The fine even texture and favorable strength-to-density ratio of silver beech make it excellent for furniture, paneling, turnery, brushware, rods, dowelling, and strip-flooring.