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Synonyms for silt

Synonyms for silt

mud or clay or small rocks deposited by a river or lake

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become chocked with silt

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Brian Martin, chairman of the berth holders' committee said the silting had got worse ever since the Sail Bridge was built.
John Pinder, Still Waters manager, said: "The silting up of Bassenthwaite is one of the serious problems the lake is currently facing.
The police said, Rahim Dad has killed his wife Fozia 35 by silting her neck and dumped her body in a corner of his house.
We will end up with elevated rivers which will continue silting up.
I can't say I was altogether surprised to hear that the lower reaches of the River Tawe, between the new Sail bridge and the barrage, have been silting up.
And to avoid a build-up of problems in the future caused by silting there are plans to spend about pounds 15,000 annually on regular maintenance work.
The programme is working with landowners to prevent silting up of the lake by reducing erosion caused by overgrazing.
It has lost over 30% of its capacity due to silting.
Officials of the UP irrigation department said the de- silting had begun on the directions of irrigation minister Shivpal Yadav and that it will help increase the reservoir's storage capacity.
It is, however, a pointless exercise unless some preventative measure is put into place to stop further silting in the future.
I BELIEVE that a machine installed in a sludge trap in Brittany, France, may be the answer to the silting problem at Roath Park Lake.
They said the storage capacity had also reduced due to silting.
WORK will start in four months time on tackling the long-standing silting up of one of Cardiff's most popular attractions.