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Synonyms for silt

Synonyms for silt

mud or clay or small rocks deposited by a river or lake

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become chocked with silt

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Rhos-on-Sea Cllr Phil edwards said: "The silting is an ongoing issue and requires clearing out the silt periodically.
In this study based on the USDA soil classification scheme (soil texture triangle method) five groups of soil texture such as loam, silt loam, silt clay loam, clay loam and clay in gully deeper and four groups including loam, silt loam, silt clay loam and clay loam in gully surface layer were determined.
HMs selected for studies are regarded to be hazardous to living organisms; therefore, it is important to determine their amount in the silt of the lake.
Fence construction can be categorized as underground construction because a critical element in correctly installing an erosion-control, or silt fence, is firmly securing the bottom portion of the geotextile fabric in the ground.
Senarath (2003) has explained why neither Kawhatau silt loam nor Kiwitea loam is an appropriate name for the soils on the intermediate terrace, and introduced new series names: Coulter silt loam for well-drained soils, Horoeka silt loam for moderately well-drained soils, and Barrow silt loam for imperfectly drained soils (Table 2).
Mr Mead added: "Unless we remove the silt, it's very difficult to work from the timber jetty.
This caused the river to run more swiftly and carry its silt out into deep water in the Gulf instead of depositing it in the Delta.
The faster silt and other material collect on the seafloor, the more quickly toxic materials can be isolated from the food chain, says Syvitski.
The application rate for the ground gypsum wallboard is based on the amount of silt and clay present in the soil surface and on information from a Wisconsin soil scientist.
Response of saturated silt strata with and without stone columns was analyzed under base dynamic excitation conditions.
However, large tidal installations like the massive 240-megawatt tidal dam across the mouth of La Rance estuary in France can modify currents, silt flows, and shoreline habitats.
FIREFIGHTERS rescued a teenager after he became marooned in silt at a waterlogged Bedworth beauty spot.
Sediment particle size analysis suggested that sediment in Malibu was composed of more clay and silt than PV sediment, which was mostly composed of sand.