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Synonyms for silt

Synonyms for silt

mud or clay or small rocks deposited by a river or lake

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become chocked with silt

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For example, if there was 80% carbonate present in the sample, the clay, silt and sand fractions only totalled 20% and the rest of the material was deemed to be carbonate.
With the bales removed, silt water ran directly into the watercourse, affecting water quality.
As well as clearing silt, the work will see lodged debris in the culverts, such as logs and tyres, removed.
Gundapur, would allow free passage to floods and unrestricted low level silt sluicing.
Because of the build-up of silt, the water has nowhere to go when it comes into the harbour, so just deposits stuff onto the beach.
Harbour silt is removed from <B Salt Lake in Porthcawl
Findings of a validating team composed of local officials, a nongovernment organization and Citinickel showed farmlands owned by six farmers were found with one centimeter-thick silt deposits in areas away from water inlets.
Loam combines clay, silt, and sand to make the perfect soil for growing crops.
Even the size of the lake that was nearly three-square kilometers has diminished to one third because of heavy silt and weed deposition.
Each sample of gully and control was analysed in soil lab to determine soil characteristics such as: silt, clay and sand percentage, mean weight dimension (MWD) and aggregate stability (AS) (wet sieving apparatus was used).
Lakes are subject to decline due to the silt accumulating in them, the shores become overgrown with excessive vegetation, this causing a serious ecological problem--eutrophication takes place.
A silt fence is composed of the geotextile fabric, sometimes reinforced with a wire mesh backing, and attached to wooden or metal stakes.
According to sources, the Japanese assistance would be used to acquire the dredging facility at the Pasni Harbour, as the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) had failed to clear the silt in the navigation channel.
An intense agitation (bioturbation) of silt under the influence of worms' activity was observed by the thickening of the silt layer compared to the controlled conditions.