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any of a large class of compounds that have alternate silicon and oxygen atoms

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Polyvinyl siloxane materials are a modification of the original condensation silicones.
3) investigated the effect of the siloxane chain extender 1,3-bis(4-hydroxybutyl)-1,1, 3-tetramethyldisiloxane (BHTD) on PU properties and morphology.
Comparison of siloxane nonskid coating with traditional aromatic epoxy-based nonskid coating aboard USS Mason (DDG 87).
The effect of heat aging at 120[degrees]C on the notched Izod impact (NII) of BPAPC homopolymer and BPAPC-PDMS samples containing the same amount of siloxane in the formulation (5 wt%) is shown in Fig.
Through combination of siloxane chemistry with traditional coating resins, significant improvements are obtained for such features as long-term gloss retention, durability, chemical resistance and so forth.
The hydrophobic polymer block is selected from the group consisting of siloxane polymers, fluoropolymers, polyethyl eneglycol-polydimethyl siloxane co-polymers, silicone polyesters and polylactone-polysiloxane-polylactone triblock co-polymers.
K50 I is a clear, silane siloxane compound which allows the appearance of the substrate to be kept, while protecting against water penetration and frost damage.
Will Significantly Increase Siloxane Production to Meet Growing Demand for Silicone-based Products
Tenders are invited for Poly Vinyl Siloxane Rubber Base Material, Putty And Wash Both Pack - Densply
These new, low-foaming optimized siloxane superwetting surfactants can provide premium equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction as well as improved flow and leveling for difficult to wet surfaces.
Dynol 960 and 980 superwetting surfactants are designed to have a superior balance of properties, including both equilibrium and dynamic wetting, system compatibility, and low foam, compared to traditional siloxane surfactants.
Silicones have many unique properties because of the siloxane bond, from low glass transitions to biocompatibility.
Silencure SRT provides a cuing compound and penetrating siloxane sealer in a single product that can be applied on broom finished, precast, hand or machine troweled surfaces.
Key statement: A method for manufacturing a bladder for use in manufacturing tires having a surface-modified rubber layer on an outer surface side of a base rubber layer, including the steps of forming an uncrosslinked body of the surface-modified rubber layer by molding a rubber composition including a modified butyl rubber composition and an organic peroxide and applying a siloxane compound having a (meth)acryloyl group to a surface of this rubber molded body; forming the base rubber layer from an unvulcanized body or vulcanized body formed from a robber composition different than the modified butyl rubber composition; laminating the uncross-linked body of the surface-modified rubber layer on the outer surface side of the base rubber layer; and heat treating.