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a cylindrical tower used for storing silage

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military installation consisting of an underground structure where ballistic missiles can be stored and fired

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Increasingly, centralized healthcare IT teams are being asked to assume responsibility for these siloed applications, along with the data storage that supports them.
But taking a disconnected approach of various siloed applications across channels and departments, rather than creating a single view of the customer, makes improving the customer experience harder.
In the traditional premise world, CRM integration has been a very complex and expensive undertaking and, as a result, call centers have been forced to work with many siloed applications," said Paul Jarman, inContact CEO.
Now, with Kaltura OTT TV, service providers can finally move away from siloed applications towards a holistic multi-screen offering.
They connect siloed applications and disparate content repositories and unite internal and external enterprise audiences.
Data centers are moving away from siloed applications and batch processing to real time systems.