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Synonyms for silklike

having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light

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In addition to the genes for the dragline silk proteins of the golden orb weaver, Gosline's group has gone after four related genes in another spider, Araneus diadematus, that produces an unusual silklike protein.
Its new product offerings for the fall and holiday selling seasons are highlighted by a five-piece Crochet Collection, made of a lustrous silklike material, and a six-piece Bodre Collection, made of an accordian-pleated fabric.
In powerloomed, Chambord combines classic French design with the signature Luxcelle fiber for a silklike sheen and Navarre looks to the Baroque palaces of Europe for its inspiration.
Lodovici USA specializes in 118-inch sheers, while Bravo Fabrics supplies silk and silklike polyester products.
Some designs use viscose, which creates a silklike look borrowed from Persian styles.