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Synonyms for silkiness

the smooth feel of silk fabric


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Nose of cherries and strawberries; very refined and elegant mouthfeel with notes of bright red fruits; smooth and delicate but with enough body to balance the silkiness.
Examples to this are: Bulmaro Montes and his 92 pts Robert Parker rating Marita's Vineyard Reserve (2006), with fantastic fruitiness, silkiness and concentration, Maldonado Proprietary Red 2007 with a delicious dark fruit, chocolate and good balance, the Mario Bazan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2010; nice, fruity, citric and grapefruit notes .
13), (14) It improves skin softness and silkiness by trapping and holding moisture, which instantly cools and hydrates the skin.
Mote Caviar has a melt-in-your-mouth silkiness that summons the storied history of this delicacy once controlled only by kings.
What is the perception of the physical and cosmetic attributes of the gel formulation: spreadability, ease of application, smoothness, silkiness, appearance, and scent?
LET ME roll them out one after another -- the beguiling succulence of the Purani Dilli ki Seekh Kebab and Heera Mandi ki Pyaari Seekh ( ` 395 each): the latter, despite its name drawing on Lahore's red light area, is a reinvented dora kebab minus the bothersome strings; the juicy attraction of Lahori Shah Ka Khasam Khas Barrah ( ` 395); the seductive novelty of the Keema Mash Ki Dal ( ` 595): it will give The Embassy's Dal Meat real competition; the sinus- clearing, sweat- forming power of Anarkali Ki Nihari ( ` 645); and the silkiness of the Haleem ( ` 645): I wish, though, the accompaniments came separately along with the dish.
He does not have the silkiness of Vieira, for example, but I think in his own way he might be more aggressive in terms of breaking things up.
Sir Neville Cardus wrote, "There was a suppleness and a loose, easy grace which concealed power, as the feline silkiness conceals the strength of some jungle beauty of gleaming eyes and sharp fangs.
In Celle, Biotivia has created a skin repair and rejuvenating cream that contains no harmful chemicals, while maintaining the texture, silkiness and rich soft feel that these chemicals were thought to be essential for (www.
While it's impossible to know whether your Pinot has a little Syrah lurking in it (winemakers don't have to reveal), go for delicacy over impact and silkiness over tannin.
When washing dishes, feel the silkiness of the water as you lift a dish.
I love a one-dish meal, multiple blended flavors, saucy silkiness, and enough meat or pasta to give it the body to be the main course.
The furniture is endowed with translucency, silkiness and distinctive touch.
I slide into the silkiness of your yellowed gown, its lilac scent clings to my body .
The beauty of the face, the length of the neck, the size of the chest, the hump, the purity of colour, the silkiness of the hair and the size of the muscles," the 55-year old Abu Dhabi native said.