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having a silk lining

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No," viewers saw the silk-lined cuff of his tuxedo sleeve before they saw Connery's face.
Her eyes rest on the coffin-- that silk-lined boxcar to eternity.
It comes presented in a premium silk-lined gift box for pounds 24.
6 Modern Alchemy Jewelry designer Kenny Ma's special antiquing process spins pewter into "gold" for a hand-crafted bags ($225 to $2,000) like this silk-lined clutch adorned with Swarovski crystals.
Each set is delivered in a linen-covered, silk-lined box.
The 22-year-old models a Linea animal print brown and cream cardigan, pounds 55; Linea brown pinstripe trousers, pounds 60; Episode animal print pumps, pounds 69; Nine West brown oversized handbag, was pounds 89 now pounds 74; brown leather silk-lined Dents gloves, pounds 49; necklace, pounds 15; earrings, pounds 10; bracelet, pounds 12.
When you wear a silk shirt, camp with a silk-lined sleeping bag, or put silk sheets on your bed, you're benefiting from an ancient technology that is popular even in today's modern world.
LA lawyers are stroking their silk-lined briefcases with glee, while almost choking on their caviar.
Indoor scenes were set inside - yes, inside a massive open silk-lined guitar case, with the small orchestra fully exposed both visually and musically also on stage.
He then led me inside, into a silk-lined room lined with Iranian carpets and rugs.
For a special evening book The Blue Room, an impressive blue silk-lined room that is very decadent (pounds 15 extra each).
lutetiana differs from the other species from the genus Arctosa, which live in silk-lined burrows (Dondale & Redner 1983).
Well, there's a spot in St David's Centre for our very own Nativity scene, so who else but Gav and Charlotte, proud parents, Ruby the ready-made infant, angelic Katherine Jenkins floating above the silk-lined, luxury Mothercare cot?
which when silk-lined with a U2 poster under the pillow
The palatial hall of the Mandarin, with its high ceilings and lavish use of marble and gilding is a stark contrast to the uber-trendy bar, a favourite celebrity haunt, with a catwalk for bar staff, silk-lined walls and cocktails guaranteed to put a swing in your step.