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silk-producing gland of insects (especially of a silkworm) or spiders

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There were so many surprises that emerged from our study: new silk genes, new DNA sequences that presumably confer strength, toughness, stretchiness and other properties to silk proteins; and even a silk protein made in venom glands rather than silk glands," said senior author Benjamin F.
The AAT activity showed no significant change in silk gland with drastic increase in both bodywall and intestine.
Although differences in the amino-acid sequences in the two regions could account for some of the silks' mechanical properties, it is known that the molecular ordering of the crystalline regions occurs during the flow of liquid silk from the silk glands through the spinnerets (Denny 1980; Kerkam et al.
Scientists in Kessler's and Scheibel's team had last year investigated the common garden spider ("cross spider") to discover the mechanism behind the transition from individual spider silk molecules to connected treads: The individual spider silk proteins are first stored in the silk gland in small drops called micelles.
Under storage conditions in the silk gland these control domains are connected pair-wise in such a way that the interlinking areas of both chains can not lie parallel to each other.
We already knew that honeybee silk fibres could be hand-drawn from the contents of the silk gland so used this knowledge to hand-draw fibres from a sufficiently concentrated and viscous mixture of the recombinant silk proteins," she added.
Numerous efforts have been made to express other invertebrate silks in transgenic systems but the complicated structure of the silk genes in other organisms means that producing silk outside silk glands is very difficult.
For this purpose, the samples of soil, plant, silk glands, silkworm larvae and their excreta were used to determine Cr (III) amount by using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS).
When a 2006 Nature paper contended that zebra tarantulas had some kind of previously unnoticed silk glands in their feet, the possibility "made quite a splash in the arachnological community," Blackledge recalls.
With one longitudinal cut on the dorsal surface the larvae were cut open and their silk glands were isolated in 9% NaCl.
Fibroin is a protein (substance made of chains of chemicals called amino acids) that is produced by a pair of silk glands.
The production of web decoration is governed by an enhanced activity of the silk glands and hence physiological processes are expected to impact web decorating behavior (Tso 2004; Walter et al.
Silk thread, produced by the silk glands of the caterpillar of the silkworm (Bombyx mori), is a protein fiber consisting of two filaments of fibroin stuck together by a gummy substance, sericin.
Mature, fully-fed larvae form pupae, which in some species are covered with cocoons made from threads produced by larval silk glands.