silk cotton

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a plant fiber from the kapok tree

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After becoming a spirit, one is believed to be closely associated with the silk cotton tree.
Notably, the intricacy of the design itself and the difficulty in creating the work using her chosen fabric of silk cotton voile led the designer to explore the craftsmanship of printers as far away as South Korea, only to learn that the process she needed for the work would be virtually impossible.
The first Tobagonian I encounter on the island lives with as much trust as the silk cotton trees found here, and leaves his front door open, his parked car unlocked.
Kyrgyz embroidery is sewn with woolen, silk cotton threads on leather, felt velvet, cotton, or woolen fabrics.
Escorted by her father, the bride wore an ivory silk cotton Mikado gown.
Spirit trees take many forms but the most familiar are the silk cotton (Ceiba pentandra) and wild fig (Ficus trigonata, Ficus citrifolia, or Ficus spp.
Then there was Sasabonsam, a monster with fiery, twisted hair, a long neck and extremely long, thin legs, who would usually sit on top of a tall silk cotton tree (onyina) and let his long, thin legs dangle by the side of the tree.
Immaculately maintained, they have smooth perfect lawns with proper British grass under palms and exotic tropical species like red silk cotton trees (bombax) with their flaming flowers, huge fiddle-leaf ficus, temple trees (plomenia) and golden balled acacia.