silk cotton

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a plant fiber from the kapok tree

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After becoming a spirit, one is believed to be closely associated with the silk cotton tree.
Michelle Cliff also uses the silk cotton tree to maximum symbolic effect in Free Enterprise.
The legend of the soukougnan appears sporadically throughout Caribbean literature, and like the silk cotton tree, most often in Maryse Conde's works.
Historically, the silk cotton is the paramount jumbie tree, although it has come to be rivaled by the tamarind.
They do not realise, of course, that the onyina is also preserved because it gives us the silk cotton which we put in our pillows.
Immaculately maintained, they have smooth perfect lawns with proper British grass under palms and exotic tropical species like red silk cotton trees (bombax) with their flaming flowers, huge fiddle-leaf ficus, temple trees (plomenia) and golden balled acacia.
IN CARIBBEAN LORE, the silk cotton (ceibo) tree attracts spirits to the pits and caves that form around its thick roots.
Blankets were in chunky chenille, micro-velour and silk cotton, and will retail from $39 to $59.
In traditional white goods were 20 new down comforters, from 270-thread-count jacquard-woven covers to 450-thread-count silk cotton covers.