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a lung disease caused by inhaling particles of silica or quartz or slate

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Louis County where a lawyer was found guilty of paying medical expenses and court costs for a number of silicosis patients in order to glean profit from their silicosis settlements against producers.
OSHA estimates that the proposed rule will save nearly 700 lives and prevent 1,600 new cases of silicosis per year, once the full effects of the rule are realized.
Silicosis is prevalent in almost all States though they did not maintain an authentic data on the exact number of affected persons.
Further, to devise solutions to address remaining risks, OSHA's analysis should at least recognize the observed declines in silicosis mortality over the last several decades and work to understand the reasons behind those encouraging trends.
Churchyard said silicosis prevalence 'jumped dramatically' among gold miners after 15-20 years of underground work, but described reducing this time frame as a currently 'un-validated intervention'.
2012, Taraf published a report titled "We are waiting to die next," which detailed the life stories and health issues of silicosis sufferers living in the TaE-lycay village of BingE[micro]l's Karlyova district.
The agency lists 13 sectors which have the biggest exposure to crystalline silica, which is a primary cause of silicosis, a fatal lung disease, and also lung cancer.
Groups such as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) say no new standard is needed because there was a 93% reduction in silicosis mortality from 1968 to 2002, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Silica sands have been associated with acute and accelerated forms of silicosis among sandblasters.
Small particles of the mineral can enter people's lungs as respirable crystalline silica and causes silicosis, a disease that inflames and scars lungs, making it difficult to breath.
This despite the fact the practice has been banned by most of the big name brands in the West, mainly because sandblasting kills people through silicosis.
The Royal solicitude granted by HM King Mohammed VI to persons affected by chronic diseases and the Sovereign's will to guarantee equal access to health care were once again illustrated in the launching by the sovereign of construction works of a unit specialised in the treatment of silicosis disease and a haemodialysis center in Jerada.
Another time, Philip diagnosed silicosis on a chest X-ray and was ridiculed by the clinicians, as the patient was a woman and had not been on the mines.
Coe cites silica dust from mining operations, which causes a lung disease called silicosis.
Although many succumbed to silicosis, the state's compensation to widows and families has been much better than for miners who haven't had the benefit of a durable head of state presiding over a stable parliamentary democracy.