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The team from University of Edinburgh have taken the conventional silicon chip design and used it to grow neurons - the basic cells of the human nervous system.
Verayo's authentication solutions exploit the electronic DNA of silicon chips to authenticate them, and can be easily integrated into many kinds of silicon chips, as complex as microprocessors, FPGAs, ASICs, smart cards, as well as simple passive RFID.
For some 50 years the semiconductor industry has relied on the ability to pack increasing numbers of electronic circuits on a single silicon chip to make those chips more powerful.
RSI customers currently using first generation labels and equipment will be offered a seamless migration path to Gen 2, as existing label formats will be based on the same form factor as first generation labels, with the only change being the silicon chip.
a fabless semiconductor company and the world leader in silicon photonics, announced today that it has solved the longstanding problem of building ultra-high-density optical modulators into mass-produced silicon chips.
Wavesat, a leading developer of WiMAX silicon chips, C-DOT, the premier telecom technology centre of the Government of India and the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), the Government of Canada's primary research facility into telecommunications technologies, today announced they have begun working together to build a cost effective fixed wireless access solution, based on IEEE 802.
Experiments with a prototype array of 1,024 cilia showed that it is possible to move silicon chips at speeds up to 200 micrometers per second with an accuracy of a few micrometers.
a fabless semiconductor company, and the world leader in silicon photonics, announced today that it has solved the longstanding problem of building advanced photonic interfaces into mass-produced silicon chips.
To fabricate microscopic circuits on silicon chips, semiconductor manufacturers typically shine light through a mask onto a photosensitive surface to create the necessary patterns.
STMicroelectronics (ST) is an industry-leading supplier of digital silicon chips for DVB-C set-top boxes, and Microtune is a leading innovative supplier of RF silicon tuner technology for consumer electronics and broadband communications.
This approach is simpler than other lithographic techniques for patterning silicon chips, says Sailor.
The innovative Bookham technology covered by the patents relates to the design and manufacture of silicon waveguide devices such as variable optical attenuators and modulators, and to the construction of multi-functional optical silicon chips.
Reed and his co-workers prepare these novel fasteners by applying the same techniques now widely used for manufacturing dense webs of electronic devices on silicon chips.
It will allow more silicon chips to be produced on a single wafer because the size of each chip is smaller, and it improves overall production efficiency.