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Manufacturing makes use of standard fabrication processes at a silicon chip foundry, making this technology ready for commercialization.
The team from University of Edinburgh have taken the conventional silicon chip design and used it to grow neurons - the basic cells of the human nervous system.
Verayo's authentication solutions exploit the electronic DNA of silicon chips to authenticate them, and can be easily integrated into many kinds of silicon chips, as complex as microprocessors, FPGAs, ASICs, smart cards, as well as simple passive RFID.
At the heart of all electronic systems, from smartphones to massive data centers that house our digital lives, are tiny silicon chips that store, process and transport trillions of bits of information every second of every day.
July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- With almost every major PC manufacturer integrating silicon chip fingerprint sensors in their products, the market appears set to thrive.
For some 50 years the semiconductor industry has relied on the ability to pack increasing numbers of electronic circuits on a single silicon chip to make those chips more powerful.
On the grounds of cost, speed and resolution, [the new method] may displace optical technology as the preferred manufacturing technology for fashioning silicon chips," predicts R.
Under the agreement, IBM's Microelectronics Division will make advanced CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) silicon chips designed by Unisys.
The lab will also provide researchers with the facilities to grow lasers on silicon substrates and to combine multiple optical materials and devices on one substrate, much as engineers now etch integrated circuits onto silicon chips.
The breakneck pace of microelectronics development in the last 3 decades has relied on squeezing more and more transistors onto silicon chips.
We're continually searching for ways to reduce the size and power consumption of silicon chips," said Ran-Hong Yan, who spearheaded the 16-member team that produced the Bell Labs device.
RSI has leveraged its assembly line machinery and a new patented process to integrate Gen 2 silicon chips into EPC compliant labels.
In a feat that could lead to new medical treatments, researchers have grown healthy liver cells on silicon chips.
a fabless semiconductor company and the world leader in silicon photonics, announced today that it has solved the longstanding problem of building ultra-high-density optical modulators into mass-produced silicon chips.
Wavesat, a leading developer of WiMAX silicon chips, C-DOT, the premier telecom technology centre of the Government of India and the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), the Government of Canada's primary research facility into telecommunications technologies, today announced they have begun working together to build a cost effective fixed wireless access solution, based on IEEE 802.