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We have been able to generate and manipulate entangled states of photons on a silicon chip," said PhD student, Jonathan Matthews, who together with Alberto Politi performed the experiments.
Cell phone manufacturers in particular have recently expressed interest in silicon chip fingerprint sensors due to their small size and low power consumption, which make it an ideal security solution for portable and battery-operated devices.
Demand from PC Manufacturers and the Advent of High-end, Cost-efficient Silicon Sensors Benefits Silicon Chip Fingerprint Market
However, an evolution in the packaging of certain semiconductor devices allowed for the inclusion of more than one silicon chip inside each package.
In contrast, the silicon chip propagates a voltage pulse from a tiny spot on the cell membrane.
The lab will also provide researchers with the facilities to grow lasers on silicon substrates and to combine multiple optical materials and devices on one substrate, much as engineers now etch integrated circuits onto silicon chips.
We have developed fabrication technologies that allow people for the first time to make these devices on the surface of a silicon chip in fully integrated form," says Georgia Tech's Mark G.
The company's in-house capabilities enable them to pair the Gen 2 silicon chip with an antenna, assemble the two components into an inlay and convert the inlays into Gen 2 compliant, pressure-sensitive labels.
Manufacturing makes use of standard fabrication processes at a silicon chip foundry, making this technology ready for commercialization.
Scientists and engineers from an international collaboration led by Dr Mark Thompson from the University of Bristol have, for the first time, generated and manipulated single particles of light (photons) on a silicon chip - a major step forward in the race to build a quantum computer.
Are piezoresistive measuring cells consisting of a glass back plate and silicon chip with diffused resistor bridge.
Sailor of the University of California, San Diego and his colleagues use a photonic crystal, which is a silicon chip that controls the propagation of light.
The team has developed two methods for filling and sealing the micromachined cells: chemical reaction between barium azide and cesium chloride in an ultrahigh vacuum system followed by anodic bonding of the silicon chip to a glass window in a nitrogen buffer gas ambient, and direct injection of liquid Cs in an anaerobic chamber followed by anodic bonding to a glass window in a nitrogen buffer gas ambient.