silicon bronze

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a bronze with 2-3% silicon that is resistant to corrosion

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Once assembled, Danko Arlington filled the mold with C87300 silicon bronze (Everdur).
coli, while the three alloys with the highest copper content -- silicon bronze, red brass and brass -- eliminated it within three hours.
The revised design now contains lead-free silicon bronze.
Alloys Poured: Aluminum 319, 335 (Almag), 355, 356,713 (Tenzalloy) and 771 (Precident 71); copper hi-con and RWMA Alloys Class 2, 3 and 4; manganese bronze 421 and 424; nickel aluminum bronze and silicon bronze (other alloys poured on request).
One job by Farmer's demonstrates the flexibility afforded by Paser: the machining of a single ring from 2[inches]-thick Alloy 655 Silicon Bronze plate.
Tenders are invited for Supply of aluminium silicon bronze of good quality, imported or indigenous.
Other metals are also cold-rolled--aluminum, copper, silicon bronze, and stainless steels, for example.
Contract Awarded for Supply of Rod Silicon Bronze Welding 10 SWG
Goal--This project investigated the role of processing variables on the grain refinement of four permanent mold cast copper alloys--yellow brass (C85800), EnviroBrass III (C89550), silicon brass (C87500) and silicon bronze (C87600)--and developed thermal analysis techniques to control grain refinement, fading and hard spot formation.
Some limited data on tensile properties also are available for silicon bronze (C87600).
In both permanent mold and sand-cast conditions, silicon bronze and silicon brass alloys demonstrated the best corrosion resistance, while leaded-tin bronze showed the least.
Similar oxides form on other nonferrous alloys, such as magnesium, silicon bronze and aluminum bronze.