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relating to or containing or resembling silica


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Even though examination of pozzolanic reaction products (C-S-H) was not in the scope of this experimental study, it is assumed that a reaction takes place between lime and silicious fine grains (Millogo et al.
1994) reconstructed the original stratigraphy of the basalt-chert unit as basaltic rocks in the lower part are overlain by limestone-chert and silicious shale which is about 2 to10 m thick.
These samples were examined for 1) freshwater sponges, which were identified to species, and 2) silicious spicules (gemmoscleres) of these sponges; details of the methods and results of this sampling have been published (6,7).
The Pd wire should not come into contact with silicious refractories as they may form a Pd-Si eutectic with a melting temperature of 816[degrees]C that weakens the wire.
5 kbar in silicious dolomite, a geological setting that can be approximated by a CaO-MgO-Si[O.
Catalogue of the Marble and Silicious Stones cut in squares of 2 & 5/8 inches and polished.
The black precipitate was treated alternately with alkali and acids and finally platinum and silicious oxide were detected.
The soil at the site was a Eustis loamy sand (sandy, silicious thermic Psammentic Paleudult).
Regarded as an essential plant nutrient, potassium is present naturally in some form in all soils but in extremely variable amounts, and is likely to be in largest amounts in clay soils and in least amounts in highly silicious soils and in peats.